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Mudra Launches Next-Gen Platform to Create BEP20 Smart Contracts

The no-code platform gives users the opportunity to launch projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) without the hassle of learning how to code

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, SEP 14, 2021 – Mudra, the well-known Binance Smart Chain (BSC) asset manager, has launched a new no-code platform that allows users to create BEP20 tokens instantly.

Mudra Token Creator is the world's first BEP20 token generator of the third generation. The critical distinction is that, in contrast to current second-generation platforms with predefined templates, it enables token creators to pick and choose the best mechanics for their use case. The token creator incorporates all of the most sophisticated modern financial mechanisms.

According to a Mudra spokesperson, the benefits of using Mudra Token Creator to create a BEP20 token are unmatched. “It is the first modular platform in the world, enabling users to combine the best financial mechanics and controls into a single token. Anti-whale constraints, static rewards, deflationary token burn, automatic liquidity generation, and hyper-deflationary buyback; Mudra supports all of the latest tokenomics controls.”

“Token creators no longer have to be frustrated by a plethora of pre-canned templates that are clones of other tokens but fail to fulfill their intended purpose,” the spokesperson says. "Mudra enables developers to select which mechanics to include in their tokens based on their project's requirements. Token creators now have the option of creating a token similar to SafeMoon or EverRise. They can even combine the best features of both tokens to create a new one. All of this is available at an unbeatable low price through our services. Additionally, Mudra Token Creator provides complementary services such as funding the PancakeSwap liquidity pool.”

Mudra's Background:

Mudra has introduced several innovative products for BSC investors and developers. Mudra Token Research is the first comprehensive BSC token scan tool. Mudra Research helps investors avoid cryptocurrency "rugpulls" and "honeypots" by using smart contract code and blockchain data analysis. Mudra Crypto Gem Discover tool is the world's only tool for finding early altcoins with 100x potential. Mudra Liquidity Locker is the most cost-effective and feature-rich platform for locking BSC token liquidity.

For more information, visit mudra.website.

Sagg J
Media Manager
mail: media@mudra.website


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